Thursday, April 19, 2012

ow mi chihuahua!

why is the cheese in the lunchables nachos so spicy?
isn't it made for kids? ouch. i think i need to go drink some more water.
my tongue is on fire.

the gala

Kylinn had two pieces of art in the Annual Art Extravaganza. She was super proud and so were we :)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy 2010/11/12/whatever

We celebrated NYE with the O family. They have triplet 7's and a 4 year old. 
They also let all of the guests spend the night. Amazing and equally terrifying. Happy New Year.

Friday, December 09, 2011

It's time to have some rip roaring fun at Ford Field! Being a Feld Family Ambassador, I was graciously given some awesome discounts to share for the upcoming shows. Please note, the Family 4 Pack must be purchased through the link noted, or via phone. Also, Kids seats are HALF OFF!



Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Freebies for Adopted Dogs

Since bringing Nina home, I've found that many companies offer free items, or significant discounts to rescued pets once you show your papers. Most of this is secret-underground stuff that I've discovered through weird conversations- not outright known, so I am going to compile a list of things thus far:

Start with a Shelter Pet! We adopted a purebred Weimaraner for $136.50 including all shots, spaying and a bag of toys. Nice. I may have spent more in gas going to get her. Nina is from the Oakland County Animal Shelter. Very nice, and very clean. You can save more by finding out what they are collecting when you go- when we went, they offered $5 off per gently used coat. And, by adopting a pet from OCAS, we also got a free vet visit (reg $39) and a free grooming ($20+) The vet also gave us a book and a bag of goodies and coupons and a free month of heartworm prevention. We have not redeemed the grooming visit yet.

Petco offers $20 off training. And a free book. And coupons.
Petsmart offers a similar program if you adopt your pet from them. We did not, but were able to finagle a "Friends & Family" discount on training.
Pedigree offers a free month of food
Science Diet offers a free bag of food via (mail in rebate) at your vet.

I'll add more as I discover them :) Please share if you know of any!

so much to say. so little time

or am i just totally preoccupied? either way, i'm vowing to be better about blogging. i'm in the process of backdating, but it's my number one resolution for the new year. for me. for you. but mostly for me.